Bicycle Exhibition

Girona Bike World is an event to promote and strengthen the bicycle sector, celebrating the bicycle as the most classic yet modern way to travel and discover a territory.

The exhibition was created as the response of a destination that offers unique opportunities for amateur and professional cyclists seeking the perfect forum in which to exchange ideas, discover the latest innovations, learn about and enjoy a healthy, friendly and non-polluting sporting culture.

Girona Bike World gives visitors the chance to experience at first hand all the opportunities offered by the bicycle sector in terms of business, tourism, services, products, components and activities.


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For the bicycle lover the first thing that comes to mind is riding on a bike and feeling the wind of freedom flowing through your body. However, not every bicycle rider can afford this privilege for their own pleasure. On the other hand, the number of people who visit several exhibitions across the globe, every day, has increased and bicycles are becoming one of the most popular choice for transportation.

These days, there are also bicycle exhibitions that aim to make their products accessible to more consumers, through the means of bicycles and related products. An exhibition could be a place where you can find new products and learn about the latest trends and developments in bicycle products and accessories. Many companies who have adopted the concept of bicycle exhibitions have, over the years, developed extensive programs and distribution channels to improve sales of these products.

There are also several events held in different countries that highlight the contribution of bicycles to human life. Even though not all of these exhibitions are held in metropolitan cities, some are located near the urban centers. Such events may either be indoor or outdoor events that can provide you with interesting insights on what is in store for bicycle dealers.

The events organized by bicycle dealers show you the latest products that are available in the market. This enables you to make comparisons with the existing products and choose one from among them. You could even try out the demonstration rides of the products so that you get an idea of how well it performs.

You could also check out the activities of the various manufacturers present at the events. Some of them are the ones that manufacture bicycles, while others concentrate more on developing innovative bicycle accessories. You could find many booths of manufactures from around the world that are present at the events.

You can also try out the different types of bikes and accessories in a bicycle exhibition. There are those that are modified to cater for special needs and requirements of cyclists. You could be lucky enough to try out these bikes for sale.

Although many people think that bikes are just a wonderful transport device for those who want to go from A to B, they are in fact becoming more popular as time goes by. Not only bicycles are showing an upward trend in terms of demand, but also they are being incorporated into many of the latest products and designs. You can make use of these devices in order to commute and drive through tollways, airport parking lots, and other such places that need to be reached by vehicle.

Bicycles are also being integrated with cars, which are becoming even more efficient than they used to be earlier. The nature of the vehicles that they share makes their operation even more efficient. Some people even incorporate them into their vehicles for transporting kids and pets, which improve the quality of their trip.

Bicycles are proving to be a boon to the bicycle buyers. When you go to an exhibition, you can actually test ride Royce Union bicycles, have informative discussions with some of the manufacturers, and also get a chance to try out different types of cycles. You can even take a look at bicycles that are currently being offered for sale in the market.

There are also many types of bicycles in the market today, ranging from the narrow-wheel bicycles, to the mid-size models and even the wide-wheel ones. These bikes have become a favorite among the buyers. The main reason behind this is that they have greater maneuverability, and these types of bicycles help you get comfortable while riding on the roads.

If you are looking for more affordable items that can be useful for you, then you can also check out different categories of bikes and accessories. You will find a wide range of products that will fit your budget. Whether you prefer a bike that you can ride indoors or one that you can comfortably use on the streets, youwill find a wide variety of products that can suit your preferences.

If you are looking for a way to interact with other bicycle enthusiasts, then you could even come across these events. Just ensure that you choose a company that offers a professional seminar, as well as a certificate of membership so that you could feel more at ease.

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