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Getting Around Tarragona

If you are visiting Spain and staying in a hotel in Tarragona, you can’t go far without seeing some of the many wonderful restaurants in this beautiful city. Even though most of the food is more European in flavor, there are plenty of familiar dishes that will suit just about everyone.

An extremely common meal here is ropa vieja, a dish of pork cooked in garlic and onions. You will see that there are lots of variations to choose from. If you like the idea of having a vegetarian version, you may want to try the guinea pig, a perfectly cooked ham that is mixed with garlic and onions, and then tossed in a spicy mixture of herbs and spices.

The guinea pig is always available in a form that makes it easier to eat. There are several very popular restaurants that offer it. And you can ask them for no meat.

Tarragona Province – A paradise at the Costa Dorada

Other famous dishes in Tarragona include those that feature arroz and cheese. For those who don’t know what the error means, the word is Spanish for ragout. Arroz is not only tasty but also can be used as a garnish to give a nice presentation to a dish.

Chorizo is another popular food served in Spanish restaurants. It is made from pork or beef that has been marinated with herbs and spices. It is common to find variations on this theme, including chorizo made with lamb and lard.

Chicken is another common dish. You may think that it is the most common ingredient in Mexican cuisine, but in Spain, it is a normal dish. Chicken salad is another commonly seen dish.

It may surprise you that chicken salad is not always served with French fries. In many restaurants, it is not served as a chicken salad at all. It is usually served with blue cheese, which is a great accompaniment to this delicacy.

Corn on the cob is an item that you will be able to find in such popular restaurants as the Pardo. This corn is often available in a flat that is deep fried. It is more than a treat, it is a treat that has become a local staple for those who frequent this city.

The dinner roll is made up of chorizo, chicken or beef and topped with a heavy sauce that is perfect for dipping. As stated above, it is almost always served with blue cheese. It is very easy to find such a delicacy in Tarragona.

A famous dish is the famous fish soup. This is not the same fish soup that you get at a restaurant. Instead, it is made with a tangy seafood base and is served with rice and a vegetable side.

One dish that you may have heard of is the stellata. The stellata is a casserole that is always accompanied by meat. The meats include chicken, pork and beef.

There are some other dishes that you may like to try out. You may like to try the morcilla, an entirely different style of soup. You may also like to try the guisado, a breaded steak dish and the de negro, a delicious and popular meat dish.