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One of the most popular cycling destinations in Spain is Girona. It is also the capital of Catalonia and home to many renowned castles, monasteries and museums.

Girona cycling tours are popular as many tourists come here on bicycle holidays. There are plenty of tourist routes in the area to choose from. You can cycle around town or choose a scenic route to discover what Girona is all about.

There are three options for the shortest route. You can cycle around Girona by taking the famous Ave de Grece. For a different experience you could choose to cycle along the coastline in the Balearic Sea and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. This is a classic route.

The Escape – Girona / Road Cycling Mecca

Another option for a cycling trip is the very popular route through Castell Rialto (which also happens to be the shortest). The most enjoyable option is to cycle the entire length of this path. The route is narrow and requires you to travel in the back streets of the old town.

The Balearic Islands is not included in the list of best cycling destinations in Girona. However, they are now well known for their safe cycling routes which run through the narrow cobbled streets. Try out a cycling holiday in the islands.

One of the best ways to experience the beautiful city of Girona is by bike. It is a beautiful way to enjoy the sights and sounds of this lovely country town. If you want to take a look around, you can try the Bazaar route. You can visit the beautiful Olympe Abbey which is just outside of town and follow it back.

This route through the busiest city in the world takes you through the busy centre and past the Puerta de Almeria (the Old Market). You can then continue on to explore the Castell Rialto (the shortest route) or the route through the old town that winds along Avenida del Salado (the Archway). The shortest route is the route through Girona which takes you through the centre.

There is also an opportunity to sample a different style of cycling in Girona. As you pass through the close suburbs you will see that cycling is popular with residents as it is a good way to avoid traffic jams.

Cycling can be a great leisure activity. A trip to Girona can be accompanied by wine tasting. Girona is famed for its white wines and many of the vineyards are situated within the city.

A trip to the small neighbourhood of Puerta de Alcala can be accompanied by a little bit of shopping. The majority of the shops in the area are found in the old quarter and offer great prices on fresh produce.

Some of the shops in the neighbourhood also stock local cuisine and produce. It is possible to buy produce from other Spanish cities such as Madrid, Alicante and Toledo. As well as local produce, there are a number of supermarkets and stores selling wine and food from Europe and North America.

Cycling is a popular way to experience the city of Girona. Many tourists choose to cycle through the centre of the town where they can admire the historic architecture and beautiful countryside. For a more relaxing experience, consider choosing one of the many scenic routes in the area.